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The Lopesan Collection Hotels



Under the international brand Lopesan Hotel Group, Lopesan Hotel Collections was born with the intention of creating a selection of collection hotels that unite gastronomy, surroundings and service in five-star hotels aimed at maximum excellence.


The objective

After detecting the need to create this new brand, it is now sought to provide it with a Branding strategy that is capable of generating the value proposition in a configuration of attributes and values that result in a unique verbal and visual communication.


The process

Starting from the particularity of the collection, in which each hotel is defined by its own features in any of the pillars that make up the brand, the personality and difference of each of them is highlighted as a point of differentiation of the new brand compared to competing chains.

The Lopesan Collection Hotels/ Brand strategy / Identity

A concept… personal.

Based on the personal character of each of the hotels that make up the collection, and with a strategy based on accentuating the difference, the claim "As personal as you are" is defined in a claim that speaks to the guest in the first person, blurring the lines between luxury and closeness.

With this objective, and with the intention of highlighting the attributes of each of the hotels that make up Lopesan Collection Hotels, it is committed to adopting a variable claim model in which the main term changes to highlight its predominant attribute.

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