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Although then we cover each of our services in a completely specialized way. But yes, we can help you from the strategic creation of a brand to the presentation event of this brand. You will not tell us that this cannot be the beginning of an exciting journey ...

It doesn't matter if you call us Branding Agency, or Design Agency, Advertising Agency or Event Agency. The truth is that we cover each of our services in a way fully specialized focusing on the only thing that matters to us: helping you achieve your goal.


«Branding, in short, tells you who to love. The design makes it love at first sight. And communication… Well, communication does the rest. »

Aitor San Jose
Republican Kings Director


#TrueFact: If you don't tell your story, others will do it for you. (And they're not usually nice people ... Really.)


There is no first chance to create a second impression. Or was it the other way around?

Web y Online
Web and Online

UI, UX, Responsive, Crossbrowsing, Fluid Interface, supertruper, califragi ...


From advertising to social media management. And press releases. And Copys. Buah! A non-stop ...

Organización de eventos
Event organization

We meet your goals through unforgettable events. This is how we are. We come upstairs and hey ... we do it cool.



Bezos, from Amazon®, says that a brand is what people say about you when you are not present. The truth is that if you don't tell your story, others will do it for you. At Republican Kings we help you create your brand platform, your competitive value proposition, your own storytelling that distinguishes you from your competitors and we provide you with the strategic conceptualization to generate a solid, coherent, different and relevant brand.


We help you design the DNA of your brand in order to make it a benchmark for your audience while generating a position of value.


We define your graphic style in order to generate your own visual communication that identifies your brand in the eyes of your audience.


We provide content to your brand for your communication on social networks, websites and blogs so that you adopt a strategic communication of value.
Brand audit

Analysis of the brand's positioning in the market and its value to its consumers. Analysis of the brand's positioning with respect to its competitors (benchamrk) in terms of brand configuration, communication and transmission of values.

Launch and Repositioning

Strategic brand study, SWOT analysis and perceptual maps regarding values and competitors. Definition of communication styles. Definition of brand tone and personality. Elaboration of Brand Manifestos. Brand communication roadmaps and their differential values.


Writing of Brandbooks that brings together all the strategic conceptualization of your brand.

Verbal Identity

Periodic monitoring and review of the strategy over time to verify that the brand continues to add value to its consumers compared to the main competitors, carrying out revision and transformation tasks if necessary.

Graphic Strategy

Definition of graphic style guides related to the brand (selection of photographic resources, creation of moodboards and graphic selection).

Monitoring and updating

Periodic monitoring and review of the strategy over time to verify that the brand continues to add value to its consumers compared to the main competitors, carrying out revision and transformation tasks if necessary.


We help you define a reason for being for your brand communicated through creative Storytelling techniques to connect emotionally with your audience.



There is no second chance to create a first impression. At Republican Kings we know how to capture the attention of your target audience through the visual communication of your brand.


Design is the way to turn ideas into messages. Whatever your graphic need, we know how to turn it into a sales pitch.


When it comes to defining a graphic style for your visual pieces, at Republican Kings we work with the goal of creating a unique visual communication for you.
Visual Identity Design

Brand creation, logo design and creation of corporate visual identity manuals.

Graphic Materials Design

Design of any graphic material necessary for your brand. Design of business cards, corporate stationery, design of cards, invitations, corporate material, etc.

Verbal Identity

Design of editorial pieces. Design and layout of magazines. Book layout. Flyers and company catalogs design. Design and editing of commercial dossiers, etc.

Presentation Design

Design and redesign of presentations, financial plans or project presentation.

Promotional Design

Design of stands and exhibition corners. Design of promotional pieces (merchandsing). Design of signage and implementation of visual identity in establishments and pop-up stores.

Video & Motion Graphic

Production and editing of videos and animations of motion graphic for any type of visual communication need.

Online Experience


Web Design and Programming

Web design on different platforms and technologies adapted to the needs and functionalities of each brand.

Web Redesign

Do you remember when your website from five years ago was super modern and all that? It's not you, it's the digital world that changes every day. We help you update the design and technology of your website to bring it back to life and prevent users from leaving as soon as they enter ...

Brand Clouds and Data Centers

Creation of private pages and secure areas to coordinate brand platforms such as press room areas, repository of brand elements or file sharing platforms (Cloud). Creation of internal social networks for team coordination.


Creation of templates or design of newsletters adapted to your brand. Automatic generation of Newsletters and implementation of automation services for sending the latest news, products, etc.

Landing Page

Design of your Landing Page for data capture or promotion of a specific service of your company.

Content for Blogs, Social Networks and Websites

Writing and design of content for your social networks as well as articles and videos to keep your blog, news section or your networks active at all times.

In the country of UI, UX is king. (Ok ... this was trying to be a geek joke). What do we tell you that you do not already know how important digital is? Do we really have to get that "if you're not in interned you don't exist?


Creations of web experiences for your brand both through your corporate website or online store that help communicate your brand values.


Creation and programming of digital experiences for your communication as well as platforms aimed at achieving specific objectives or implementing interactive functionalities.


Establishment of automations for databa marketing as well as the creation of innovative digital strategies that avoid the massive sending of newsletters

Advertising and Communication


You know as well as we do that advertising is dead is the great lie of the 21st century. The challenge here is to create a campaign that reflects your brand but at the same time is able to connect with your audience. To stop every time they see your ad and… of course, end up choosing you.


We create traditional advertising campaigns with a perfectly adapted message. From conceptualization, to copy to purchase, get ready for your next big campaign.


Both adapting offline campaigns and creating native online campaigns, we bring creativity, strategy and knowledge to each of your actions.
Publicitary estrategy

Creation of the concept and the advertising idea for the realization of advertising campaigns.

Advertising design

Graphic design of the advertising pieces and their adaptation to the different media, supports and formats of the inserts and advertising spaces.


Creative advertising writing, creation of claims, slogans and texts for advertising campaigns.

Media Negotiation and Contracting

Negotiation of prices and hiring of advertising spaces in the most efficient means to insert the campaign.

Social media

Creation of strategies for Social Media and management of social networks from a strategic perspective.

Drafting of press releases

We write the press releases of your company to position your brand, your news and your events in the most appropriate media for your brand. And your audience.

Branded Content

We improve your positioning in the mind of the consumer from the creation of Branded Content content that we include in specialized media for your audience.

Organization of events


Organization of corporate events

Are you going to launch your brand? Or are you going to present your website? Are you going to celebrate the presentation of a specific product or service? Don't tell me… You need to organize your company's anniversary! At Republican Kings we select the best spaces, we design the most creative events in maximum coherence with your brand and we get the best suppliers for an event that will last both in the minds of your guests and in those of your target audience, thanks to an intense work of communication to get the news of your event to the most appropriate media.

Communication actions

We create unconventional communication actions. We make your establishment, your product or your service known by generating unique experiences in the form of an event or independent communication action.

Design of brand experiences and happenings

We design, organize and manage brand experiences to communicate your product or service in a different way, reaching a greater number of potential clients to whom we impart in a different, creative way and, of course, leaving a mark.

The last mile is what makes the difference between something magnificent and something extraordinary. What do you think if we go one step further and dive right into creating brand experiences, organizing events and happenings *?

At Republican Kings we organize the best events for your brand from a creative perspective, different and consistent with your brand to generate the best impact on your attendees and arouse the attention of those who hear about it.

* We have really tried to find how to translate this from the happenings but "occurrences" did not seem like something that sounded good at all ...


Product presentations, inaugurations, congresses ... From the design, the hiring of catering and supplier management to the impact on the media, we offer you everything to organize your most creative event.


Management of the integral communication of your brand. From the writing of press releases, press releases, call for media and dissemination and distribution of content, we take care of taking your brand to its maximum communicative power.

That a picture is worth a thousand words?


The allies who trust us