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Casino Marbella 'Exclusivity'



From the heart of Puerto Banús, Casino Marbella is a benchmark in the social and cultural scene of Marbella nightlife. A leisure space that since its inception has opted for the highest quality and detail in the experience, making it not only a place for games but also an atmosphere of sophistication.


The objective

Value the Casino Boutique concept of a spacious but reserved space where exclusivity and attention to detail become the identifiers of its value. To do this, it is intended to create a campaign that reflects an enveloping and reserved experience as a clear example of exclusivity.


The process

From the creation of the claim `` The exclusivity comes in small batches '' (Exclusivity comes in small doses, several pieces are generated where symbols associated with the Casino concept take center stage in a campaign where simplicity, clarity and simplicity, they are grouped together to build the campaign message.

Casino Marbella/Advertising

The exclusivity of detail.

Based on the exclusive character of the Casino Marbella, and with the intention of reflecting an atmosphere of luxury, elegance and sophistication, it is committed to the use of symbols closely related to the casino such as the playing card, the chips, the clovers or the fruits of the slots and they are inserted inside an urn that creates that concept of care, pampering and delicacy.

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