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Patricia Citoler. Dental clinic.



The Patricia Citoler dental clinic is a dental clinic that is committed to visual cleaning through all its communication including its facilities and is characterized by its high technological development.


The objective

Design and program a website with the treatments and highlighted cases looking for a clear, clean image without distractions that helps to promote the positioning of the brand.


The process

With the objective of visual “cleaning”, the starting point is designing a structure (wire framing) following the concepts of strategic design, applying methods that reinforce the main value of the brand.

Patricia citoler/ Web Design.

strategic wireframing

Layout design based on a strategic conceptualization where the elements are arranged following principles such as the golden ratio.

In this way, the visual elements (blocks of text, featured images or buttons) are arranged following visual rules in order to configure a clean, simple and intuitive layout.

Simplicity. Simplified.

The brand values are combined with the maximum objective of showing a clean, cared image and specifically designed to combine the brand within the sector and communicate the values of the 'Patricia Citoler' brand.

In this way, the clean, minimalist and sober character of the health sector is combined with the values of the brand to offer a unique browsing experience.

Responsive. The best version on every device.

The content is structured based on a responsive approach adapted to all devices in a fluid way. The web recognizes the width of the device and adapts to improve readability, usability and ease of navigation.

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