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Javier Nuñez Photography



Javier Nuñez Photography is a personal brand that serves to unify the work of the photographer that derives from different aspects and disciplines of photography that range from fashion photography to boudoir without forgetting the photography of celebrations such as weddings and communions.


The objective

Define a digital portfolio as a web that encompasses all the artist's work from differentiated galleries respecting the power of the image, the importance of the visual and the ease of navigation.


The process

The photographer's work is structured into types of services, choosing to define a portfolio based on galleries in which each one corresponds to the types of their work.
Each gallery should allow viewing the photos with different viewing options, in a simple, clean and visual interface.

Javier Nuñez Photography/ Web Design.

Galleries structure

Responsive Galleries Lightbox application for each photo in the portfolio. Possibility of viewing photo by photo, or generating a carousel slideshow.

Mobile first.

The content is structured based on a mobile approach and adapts to other devices, thus guaranteeing a simple, easy and intuitive browsing experience that highlights the usability of the web, prioritizing content and giving the images maximum relevance.

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