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Charters Baviera Golf



Located on one of the most exclusive golf courses in Southern Europe, Charter's and The Fairway surrender to the gastronomic offer of Grupo Doña Francisquita in a creative, minimalist and open space where gastronomy merges with the most relaxed lifestyle in the heart of Baviera Golf.


The objective

With the aim of creating, standardizing and promoting a unique, expandable and coherent visual communication with the concept and the space, Charters Baviera Golf seeks the definition of a unique visual communication style that generates a recognizable creative impact of the brand at the same time as create your own visual language.


The process

Starting from the objective of generating a visual fusion between elements related to golf, gastronomy and the lifestyle, it starts from creating a unique and coherent visual language that expands to all the communication needs of the brand.
In this way, visual compositions define a coherent line of communication that leads to establishing a recognizable identity in the public and the audience.

Charter's Baviera Golf/Visual identity

A coherent concept

When establishing the visual composition, it starts with the selection of elements related to the world of golf or gastronomy, thus creating visual pieces that are collected on an additional element (the yellow strip) that groups all the elements collecting them in a unique visual concept.

Visual identity.

With the aim of generating a visual identity and a clear visual communication, a visual stroytelling and a graphic language of its own is developed so that all the pieces share the same coherence and configure a language that makes the brand recognizable and lasting in the mind of the user. consumer.


When defining the visual identity and the graphic language, the starting point is the need to also create a visual configuration adaptable to all existing needs and those that may arise. In this way, the language used for advertising and graphic materials is later translated into posters, dossiers, merchandising and all kinds of graphic adaptations.



Mobile first.

To promote navigation from mobile devices, we work from a mobile-first web design and programming approach that seeks an intuitive experience for the visitor while not renouncing the use of the most current programming and design languages.

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