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World Trade Center Barcelona



Located in a privileged enclave such as the Moll de Barcelona, World Trade Center Barcelona is made up of an emblematic complex of offices housed in four buildings designed by the renowned architect Henry N. Cobb that are a symbol of the city of Barcelona.


The objective

With the aim of promoting the facilities, innovation and vanguard of the business park, it seeks to define a brand concept that translates into a unique and recognizable visual concept that highlights the park's commitment to sustainability, innovation and services.


The process

The WTCB brand concept is redefined, turning it beyond a business park into a space for talent, creativity and innovation, betting on a brand reconceptualization that results in a unique and strategic BrandBook. From this approach, the visual communication described in this portfolio is developed.

World Trade Center Barcelona/ Strategy / Advertising

The origin of a concept: The brand promise.

The complete conceptualization seeks to create a circle that begins and ends at the same point: the brand promise.

In this way, World Trade Center Barcelona proposes for its new approach a closer, direct and social vision in which it is presented as a space that favors interactivity and human and business connection, guaranteeing the best facilities and improvements.

We Take Care.

Starting from the need for adaptability of the concept, a brand identity pattern is created that reflects the strategic points of the brand accompanied by an image related to them and the justification of the facilities and services that World Trade Center Barcelona makes available to the companies housed in the complex.

In this way, an extrapolated, adaptable and extensible campaign is achieved that helps to generate a unique, solid, coherent and consolidated visual identity in the mind of the consumer, thus determining a lasting and memorable visual and graphic style that manages to configure the visual communication of World Trade Center Barcelona.

Technical shirt

Without image? We Take Care

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with a visual configuration is maintaining the configuration in the absence of visual elements that complete the concept.

In this sense, and with the aim of guaranteeing the extension of the World Trade Center Barcelona brand, a visual configuration is adopted that is extensible even to formats and supports in whose nature only textual elements can act, thus guaranteeing the maximum adaptability of the concept visual.

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