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Eñe and Eco



Eñe And Eco Concept Store is the result of uniting in a single concept fashion and lifestyle brands that unite Spanish national production in sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes in an online sales platform.


The objective

Define a name for the concept store project from which the graphic materials necessary for brand expansion and the configuration of a web space as electronic commerce evolve that allows the purchase of different products from all types of devices.


The process

Starting from looking for an elegant concept, but at the same time dynamic and based on the concept of the brand, it ends up adopting the name `` Eñe And Eco '' with a set of classic and handwritten fonts that are repeated and exported to the rest of the materials .

Eñe And Eco/ Visual Identity / Graphic Materials / Web.

Identity Design

In order to define a visual identity consistent with the values of the brand, it was decided to define the values of «Spanish» and «Ecological» as the guiding pillars of the representation of the brand, deriving from the EÑE and ECO concept in classic fonts (with the representing values of elegance and tradition) with a handwritten typeface that breaks the visual concept and serves as a link between the two terms / values.

Ecommerce web

Seeking the maximum ease of navigation, as well as the best shopping experience, an e-commerce sales platform is built where ease of use is completed with an intuitive configuration in which the products acquire the maximum prominence coexisting in perfect harmony with the brand.

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